To rate my quality of service I have asked my clients 3 questions:

Please note that all answers below are from clients, however names were not used to ensure confidentiality.

The following questions was asked:
1. What was your biggest fear before coming to me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
2. What specifically, was your favourite part of therapy/counselling, and why?
3. If you were to recommend my service to your best friend, what would you say?

Client #1

1. That my marriage is not going to survive. No, it did not come true. We as a couple worked through our differences that where pointed out to us and we re-connected.

2. To be able to chat without being judged, to overcome my fear to open up and to definitely think positive going forward.

3. That this was a journey and that I should have done much sooner and not waited until things got out of hand. A person can never go wrong to go for counselling and it is nothing to be ashamed off. Santel, you have saved my life and marriage and I can never be thankful enough. It also brought me closer to God, Thank you again.

Client #2

1. My biggest fear was that my relationship with my partner would not survive if some things did not change. You worked some magic – he tries to thing about things more often now. The calming pills are a huge contributor – I worry for when he comes off them as does sometimes revert to the angry person!

2. Watching my family heal after each session.

3. Go see Santél now!

Client #3

1. My daughter loves her and still asks for her almost every day.

2. My favourite part of counselling was that I learnt something new every time. It has helped communication between my daughter and me in a tremendous way.

3. I have recommended Santél’s services to family and friends. If you need advice when it comes to your kids and how to better communicate with them and understand them, you can count on Santel to give you the best advice.

Client #4

1. My daughter thought she would feel intimidated and scared however when she had met you she said you are so friendly and that she was comfortable.

2. She found a confidante and a friend in you; she was able to communicate better with us with your advice.

3. I have already recommended you to everyone that I felt would have needed your services; you are brilliant with teenagers as well as being able to gain their respect and trust within a short amount of time.

Client #5

1. I was afraid that my son would suffer from extreme anxiety for the rest of his life. It did not come true, you helped him manage his anxiety and re think situations that make him anxious.

 You interacted with my son on his level. Made therapy a game and not a chore.

 See Santél Louwrens, she is the VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!!! No long drawn out months of therapy, solved the problem quick, quick.