About Me

Santél Louwrens

Personal Profile:

I am a bilingual Counsellor with an honour’s degree in psychology from the University of the Free State.  I see myself as a compassionate person who strives to cultivate strengths and virtues of individuals in order to empower them to reach their full potential.

I am an empathic person with a skillset best suited for the counselling profession.  I enjoy working with children and teenagers as well as adults. Registered with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor.  I have been working at a special needs school since 2009, and have decided to open Private practice based in Benoni from 2016.

Education and Qualifications:

2002: Matriculate at Danielskuil High School, in Danielskuil.
2005: B.Social Sciences (with distinction), at University of the Free State.
Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.
2006: Honours in Psychology, at University of the Free State.
2008: Registration as Counsellor with HPCSA.
2013: Registration with the South African council for Educators (SACE).

Workshops and Courses:

2020Attending to Emotional Cues for Drug Abuse: Bridging the Gap Between Clinic and Home Behaviors.
2020Acceptance, Commitment and Adventure Therapy for Children at Risk
2020EZMed Webinar The Do's Don'ts Desks and Dress for practicing Telehealth.
2020Alcoholism and Working with the Alcoholic.
2020EZMed Webinar - Building Patient Trust in Telehealth.
2020Ethical billing
2020From the Frontline - Tales from providers practicing Telehealth.
2020Psychosomatic impact of the Covid 19 Lockdown.
2020Billing Rates Billing Policies and Contracting with your Patients.
2020Ethical Diagnostic Coding.
2020Brain Working Recursive Therapy: Working online with children.
2020How to Market and Grow your Healthcare Practice Ethically.
2020Growing your practice from successful to significant.
2019BWRT – Brain working recursive therapy.
2018Study Skills.
2018Trauma counselling.
2017GMPP Symposium.
2016School readiness assessments.
2016The power of play stimulating IQ and EQ.
2016Starting and running a private practice.
2016The ethics of assessing children and adolescents.
2016Sensory integration and sensory processing in children.
2016GMPP Symposium.
2015Occults and drugs.
2015Diversion program.
2015Sexual education.
2015Psychodynamic perspectives on children in schools.
2015Hands on autism 3days.
2015School readiness.
2015Ravens workshop.
2015Love languages.
2014Trauma workshop.
2014Trauma and bullying.
2013The early identification of learning disabilities.
2013Special Concessions.
2013Special Concessions - Amanuenses.
2013Assisting children dealing with divorce.
2013Career Counseling.
2012ADHD, Bipolar disorder & Oppositional defiant disorder in South African children.
2012Trauma in perspective.
2012Play therapy techniques.
20102010 Therapeutic Techniques for Adolescents workshop Child Trauma Clinic.
2009Anti-Bullying & Anti-Crime.
2009Family and child mediation and parenting plans.
2009Perspective on Depression, Self mutilation and Suicide in South African children.